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    9:30 AM

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    Tuesdays until
    9:30 AM


Locally Grown Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers for Wholesale Buyers

The Shenandoah Valley Produce Auction (SVPA) in Dayton, VA is the largest wholesale auction of this type in Virginia.

In operation since 2005, the auction provides a central location for area growers to sell their harvest in bulk from early spring to late autumn. Items featured at the auction include fruits, vegetables, flowers, bedding plants, trees and shrubs, fall decor (pumpkins, mums, gourds), compost and more.

Any commercial grower or gardener who grows within a 100-mile radius of the SVPA is welcome to consign their goods. For details about wholesale consignment and packing requirements for fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc., please see our Seller Policies and Grower Packaging Guide.

When you buy in bulk at the SVPA, you get food and fresh decor that is:

  • Picked for freshness and flavor
  • Graded and packed in standard containers (by box, pallet or bin lots)
  • Sold in its appropriate season

Although the auction is directed to wholesale buyers such as grocery stores, roadside stands and farm markets, anyone who uses fresh fruits and vegetables for canning, freezing and preserving is welcome to buy from us.  However, anyone buying without a state sales tax ID number, and who purchased less than $1,000 the previous year, will be assessed a 20% premium.  This is similar to most wholesale businesses who exist to serve contractors, yet allow the general public to buy from them (e.g. plumbing or electrical supply).  While the general public may still purchase, they will pay a mark-up over and above what the contractors pay who are trying to make a living from what they purchase.

For our history, please see About Us.

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